The following are the Sunday School classes that are meeting on Zoom. 

This is a great time to connect with your class or visit another one!  

Contact group leaders or Email  OFFICE@MMBC.LIFE  if you want to join up!

3rd-4th Grade—1:00pm Sunday; led by Tricia Leitner/Danna Freeman

Youth (6th-12th Grade)—10:00am Sunday; led by Brad Cook

Agape—9:00am Sunday; led by Andy Brown

New Beginnings—10:00am Sunday; led by Michael Johnson

Faith and Fellowship—10:00am Sunday; led by Amy Storms

Serving Hearts–10:00am on Sunday; led by Carolyn Clark/Shelia Dorsette

Kaleidescope—10:00am on Sunday; led by Dean Isaacs

Friendly Couples—10:00am on Sunday; led by Joanne Womack/Dawn Alligood

Good News- 10:30am on Sunday; led by Rebecca Edwards

Mixed Nuts—10:30am Sunday; led by Julie Bullock

Bible Study—7:30pm Monday; led by Ginnie Beth Robinson